Report: Modern Family Star Ty Burrell Joins Muppets Movie Sequel

The Modern Family actor has just been cast to star in the upcoming sequel to Disney’s 2011 film The Muppets, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While James Bobin will return to direct the new film, there are still some new changes to look forward to. According to THR, the untitled Muppets sequel will take place in Europe, with Burrell playing an Interpol inspector.

Unfortunately for fans of Jason Segel, who appeared in the 2011 film as the lovable Gary, the actor is not attached to the new project. As confirmed earlier this year, the How I Met Your Mother star won’t even appear in a cameo.

"I loved working on The Muppets but, you know, it took me six, seven years. That’s a lot of time working with puppets. I think I enjoy acting too much to repeat myself in any way. Muppets 2 would feel like repeating myself and I feel like maybe there would be no upside for me either."

Burrell, who portrays the hilarious family man Phil Dunphy on ABC’s Modern Family, will begin production on The Muppets sequel in London this winter.